The Services offered are tailor made according to clients requirements and we will always ensure that our client’s needs are served as priority to maximize performance. Collis Advisory is offering a range of business services and business service management.


Collis Advisory prides itself in being a one-stop-shop for all potential and active investors, shareholders or anyone wishing to do business in Montenegro. With only our clients’ needs in mind, our services are tailored - to help you invest or do business in Montenegro and we act as your agent during the entire process


In the past in order to benefit from market differences in different corners of the planet it involved hard work; often long traveling hours and a great amount of time spent in queues battling bureaucracy. Today, opening a business abroad might actually be easier, involve less risk, and be more economically sound than starting up a business in your home country. With our dedication, professionalism and extensive knowledge of both legal and social aspects of such an operation, you will have all areas covered, completely transparent and hassle free. We will make sure that everything is set up and running even before you arrive to Montenegro.


Collis Advisory provides all of its clients with a business account opening service and invaluable experience and expertise in introducing your company to any of the country’s reputable banks, all according to client’s specific needs and preferences. Apart from facilitating the opening of actual business accounts, we offer services ranging from facilitation with working capital, term loans, bank guarantees, letters of credit and more.



Every registered company must have an address where all the official documents and correspondence will be sent and served. In case you would like to keep your residential address private and off the public records, or you simply do not have an alternative address – we are at your full disposal to render this service.

Collis Advisory will receive all your official mail, store your statutory documents on file and enable public entity’s inspection upon request, while you can relax knowing that your company is complying with all applicable laws and all relevant aspects of the company’s acts.


Run your company from literally anywhere in the world! With Collis Advisory virtual office solutions you will gain significant savings and flexibility compared to renting a traditional office space. Our team of dedicated professionals understands the importance of their role in your business and will provide phone answering, mail forwarding, fax forwarding and e-mail reception services on your behalf, as well as rental of meeting spaces and stationary if required.


Montenegrin law requires information about company’s director and shareholders to be available on public record. If for any reason you do not wish to disclose such information – we are here to protect your privacy and ensure confidentiality. Rights to your company will be protected by Power of Attorney – which certifies your full management, while the Nominee Director only represents you. Our personnel will act on your behalf and according to your instructions in signing annual tax returns, year-end accounts and internal contracts.


Our team will guide you through all required steps, facilitate in acquiring residency or work permits, and make this experience as convenient and as simple as possible. We will also provide you with a service of initial advice/assessment on whether your request is eligible under Montenegrin legislation.


We provide everything at one place: from translation of legal documents, business correspondence or proficiency certificates from and to English, Russian and Montenegrin language to notary services needed for opening and successful operation of your business in Montenegro. We may also assist you with providing interpretation services for your meetings should you need such assistance.


A great number of business owners does not really understand or appreciate the importance of legal help available at all times, usually only until they face a problem. Certifying that you have legal assistance available allows you to focus on your business worry-free. Legal team of Collis Advisory offers help in national and international law and business law, in person or online.



Accounting, Auditing, Tax planning

Accounting, Auditing

Collis Advisory provides you with what everyone needs the most today– the time. We give you a chance to have more time to focus on your company’s primary goals. Tax management, debt and finance advising, financial projections and forecast are just some of the services we offer trusting the reliability, timeliness, accuracy and control of our financial team of professionals with local and international experience. We offer experienced and reliable accounting service for your company, on top of which we can provide intermediation with trusted partners among best ranked auditing firms licensed in Montenegro.


Complex tax rules and regulations affect almost every aspect of personal and professional finances. At Collis Advisory, we believe that tax planning is one of the most important components of a solid business strategy. Our financial advisors have abundant experience in serving a diverse client base, extensive knowledge of the various issues companies might face in this sector of their operations, and offer personalized guidance and help with your immediate or long – term business objectives.



Planning, Preparation, Advisory, Solutions


Whether you are searching for a long – term profitable financial plan or looking to make a remarkable first impression with a cleverly and effectively conceptualized business plan – Collis Advisory is who you are looking for. We will refine your ideas, models and strategies into a prosperous business. By challenging your assumptions, filling the gaps, conducting extensive independent research and analysis we will help you emphasize your competitive advantages, identify target markets, create a financial forecast or executive summary in a way that best suits your specific situation and targeted audience.

Collis Advisory helps its clients achieve personal and professional success through unrivaled business solutions. We concentrate our business solutions services on strategic planning, technology evaluation and planning and complex network of business intelligence. Our role is to develop strategies that will aid your company in domestic and international markets expansion, detecting and managing new acquisitions, establishing new partnerships and relations, identifying growth opportunities and competing for government contracts.


In Montenegro, the Government through the public procurement procedures annually allocates about 300 million euro, in projects affecting the various spheres of business.

Since a contract can succeed or fail depending on the team’s expertise and performance, it is essential to have a professional team in charge of the whole preparation process before the tender phase is reached.

Confident in our knowledge and experience we will consult and guide your company at public sector tenders, while identifying and minimizing the risk element at the same time through maximizing your company’s compliance and demonstrating your ability to meet each criterion.


At Collis Advisory we transform potential issues into chances for growth! Our real estate advisory services are centered on identifying a real estate project opportunities and tailoring a market responsive plan to maximize investment or development value. As each client is unique for us, we develop strategies designed specifically for your personal needs and/or business objectives and advise on financial feasibility, development opportunities, marketing plans, all depending whether you want an investment property or living property. Some of the services that relate to the real estate advisory include: assistance in design and permitting phase; assistance in identifying status of the real estate in plans and records; assistance in identifying title holder and settling legal issues, etc.



All your Informational Technology needs

IT Turnkey Solutions

In addition to consultancy and advising services, Collis also offers IT turnkey solutions. They cover all stages from feasibility study to project deployment and/or business solution (whether in telecommunications, media or software development industry). Its expertise in integration and business management enables Collis to provide “end to end solutions” as well as full control of complex integration projects.

Through its carefully selected partners Collis’s objective is to deliver IS and engineering services to principal telecom operators (i.e. NTOs) – whether in basic telephony services or in complex multimedia networks – to help them to simplify and expand their activities and increase profits. In addition to IS, consultancy and engineering services Collis via its partners is also offering turnkey solutions that are covering all stages from feasibility study to deployment of a network and/or IS solutions, providing “end to end solutions” as well as full control of complex integration projects. This “prime contractor” project approach minimizes lead times and costs, and offers to client the major advantage of dealing with a single supplier.

Via its partners Collis is providing to clients full range of services and also extended scale of sophisticated consultancy services providing to principal NTOs same level of comfort as to final clients. Activities goes from deep roots of Termination of Telecommunication Traffic, Content Providing, Service Providing (such are Call Centres, Prepaid Services, Access Network Management, QoS Analysis, Fraud Detection, Surveillance, Usage Abuse Detection), Consultancy and Know-How Transfer (such as Usage Analysis and Outsourcing) to different financial activities.



HR, Services, Yacht and Berth Registration...

HR - Human Resources

One of additional services provided to its Customers is “head hunting” services mainly focused on Eastern Europe region and on engineering, programming and financial experts. All candidates that are fulfilling requirements and expectations are employed on contractual basis in their own countries tightly linked with the contracted companies. In current structure Collis and its partners has contractors that are experts in telecommunications, electronic engineering, system programming and networks designing and engineering, financial and trade planning, corporate finance.


Identity of your company is the very soul of what it represents and defining the parameters that will help the general public understand your company’s vision is a very tough task. With the help of our designer team we will choose the visual identity for your brand, your slogan and the best possible use and position of your company’s logo to create a corporate identity that will represent your company to the fullest extent.

In the time when digital technologies have developed to the point of being an inseparable element of everyday life, when it comes to marketing, professionals must employ all available efforts to create a cohesive impression and convey a relevant message. Our marketing team will find the best solution to bridge the gap between your online and offline efforts, and traditional and modern advertising – which is the most challenging aspect of digital marketing era. We are keen on keeping you up-to-date with your needs in social media presence, as we believe that to be the future of company’s profile and life in media.


Coming from an Adriatic country we fully understand the passion for sailing and the love of sea. Our primary goal is to relieve you of the administrative burden it entails and allow you to fully enjoy your yacht and relax.

With the development of the Porto Montenegro luxury marina in the Bay of Tivat and with more similar projects underway such as the Porto Novi or the Lustica Bay, Montenegro emerged as a newest mega yacht destination in the Adriatic. Allowing a dual registry system and yacht – friendly legislation, on site customs, user – friendly vignette system and tax and duty free bunkering, Montenegro’s nautical tourism is rapidly growing and securing its place on the Mediterranean sailing map. Collis Advisory offers yacht registration and complete yacht management services, designed to meet every owners requirements.


Having developed outstanding relationships with all luxury marinas in the country we will book a berth for your vessel even in the highest seasonal peak, letting you indulge in a glass of champagne and beautiful Bay of Kotor with picturesque medieval towns and Mediterranean cuisine or explore the night life on the other part of Montenegrin coast.